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FLIR T-Series infrared camera tells truth about walls and facades

Building insulation quality becomes a pressing issue as heating costs soar. An infrared camera for building applications and the expert’s eye can do a lot to save on energy.

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Thermal imaging cameras: fast and reliable for testing solar panels

The use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation offers several advantages. Anomalies can clearly be seen on a crisp thermal image and - unlike most other methods - thermal cameras can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation. Finally, thermal cameras also allow to scan large areas within a short time frame.

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Tracing gas leaks: maintenance and safety problems highlighted

With more than 160,000 kilometres of piping of every imaginable kind, Shell Nederland Raffinaderij in Pernis (Rotterdam) is the largest oil refinery in Europe. Safety and environmental considerations are firmly embedded throughout the company, its quality systems and its production management processes. Shell has also adopted a stringent safety policy in which preventive maintenance is uppermost.

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Infrared thermography at refineries

Oil refineries are places where the black gold is heated up and cooled down in order to produce its pricey derivatives. Production installations have to be kept up and running to ensure a stable production and to satisfy the current high demand for oil products.

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Thermal imaging helps Olympic riders and their horses win medals

Just like any other athlete, horses can get injured, but FLIR thermal cameras help to keep the horses healthy and ready to perform at the peak of their ability.

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Automatic health check in dairy farms using FLIR thermal imaging cameras

Modern farms increasingly resemble factories in their makeup as they become more and more industrialized. The present day farmer spends less time performing menial tasks and more time behind the computer.

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Thermal imaging cameras a tool for predictive maintenance inspections

Thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems are increasingly used in industrial environments for predictive maintenance inspections. Coservices, part of GP Allied’s reliability group explains why thermal imaging is the fastest growing predictive maintenance technology on the market today.


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FLIR cameras help determine the functionality of anti-allergy medicine

FLIR thermal imaging cameras is one of the most efficient techniques for the study of skin temperature. It is an accurate, quantifiable, non-contact, non-invasive, diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature using high performance thermal imaging cameras.

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Thermal imaging cameras for home security

All over the world the perimeters of industrial parks, airports and harbors are being protected with the help of thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems, but the security solution big companies choose to protect their assets can be used for home security as well.

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Thermal imaging cameras: a cost effective solution for perimeter protection

Today, the challenge to CCTV professionals is to make sure that video footage is effective on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. Securing an area during the daytime is one thing. But what happens during the night? And in weather conditions like fog, rain and snow? What can be detected if CCTV cameras are blinded by the sun?

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